December 15, 2021

Food For All Westfield

Food For All Westfield is a program of the Westfield Food Pantry. This food truck program has three components: 

* a mobile soup kitchen serving FREE meals to local residents

* a mobile food pantry bringing FREE groceries into neighborhoods

* a revenue generating food truck selling specialty food at area events to support our free services

“This is a game changing opportunity for our community and those we serve. I’m thrilled we will be able to serve meals and bring groceries to people in our community. Finally we can bring services to those in need, instead of them coming to us. Lack of transportation is often cited as the main barrier to accessing food resources in Westfield. The hybrid model for the food truck will allow us to sell food specifically prepared (with non food pantry/non donated food) at events generating revenue to be used to support the mission of feeding those in need.” -Executive Director, Rebecca Hart

We’ve already started sampling potential menu items with family and friends. Stay tuned over the next weeks and months as we update you on this exciting project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where did the Westfield Food Pantry get the money to buy a food truck?

We were awarded $126,100 by the Massachusetts Food Security Infrastructure Grant Program, which paid for the cost of the physical truck.

How does the Food For All Westfield food truck support pantry programs.

Many non-profits sell something (e.g. merchandise, souvenirs, concessions) to help raise money to support their mission. Profits from the sale of food at revenue-generating food truck events will be used to support the mobile soup kitchen, mobile food pantry, and other programs we provide free of charge.

Will the food I donate to the Pantry be sold?

No, food donated to the Westfield Food Pantry for distribution to our clients will not be sold.

What happens to food that is unsold after a food truck sales event?

Leftover food will be donated.

Can I donate to the Food For All Westfield food truck program?

Yes! Donations can be made online by clicking here or by mailing a check to Westfield Food Pantry, 101 Meadow Street, Westfield, MA 01085. Your donation can support the food truck program with things like purchasing necessary equipment and supplies for the truck, funding mobile soup kitchen meals and mobile food pantry distributions, and covering the cost of a meal for someone who can't afford to pay.

Written by Rebecca Hart

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