April 21, 2018

Client Story: A Working Single Mother

Sometimes the pantry is a short-term safety net for an otherwise stable family that experiences a hardship, and sometimes the pantry becomes an essential part of a family’s longer term survival. One woman had been coming in for years and eventually shared her story.

She is a single mother with three children – an eleven year old still at home full time and two older children at home part-time. She works three jobs to support her family – at a local park, as a limo driver, and scoring standardized tests - but they all have variable hours and it's not enough to get by.

She tries to be really thrifty, but knows that as a parent “you have to do what you have to do” to take care of your kids. They grow quickly and need new clothing. They need healthy meals every day.

For many parents, coming to a food pantry for help isn’t easy, but they know that they need to do what is best for their children. Families like this are why we are so committed to staying open.


Elizabeth Eastman

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